We’re all too familiar with the Sunny Leone episode where a journalist made quite a fool of himself by asking Sunny nothing about her movie, and more about her ‘past’. Well, we know how that panned out for him. Unfortunately, it was not the first time that an actress was asked inappropriate questions that had absolutely nothing to do with her movie. 

Promoting their films going on chat shows, giving interviews, attending press conferences, all these are everyday things for actors. But the media’s way of interacting with the actor and the actress is so different, and downright sexist. While actors are spared from these random questions, actresses are asked about their costumes in the film, their stylists, the kissing scenes with their co-actors, and that’s it. 

This video by SNG Comedy paints the perfect picture of how it would be if male actors had to answer the questions women actors are asked.

Go ahead and watch the video here:

Now you get it?