As almost the entire world is under house arrest, Netflix is our new bestie. But, honestly, as an extrovert, I can say that I'm starting to get a little bored of it. The screen can't talk back to me. 

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But these three elderly best friends-- Doreen, Dotty and Carol have made a pact to self-isolate together, have a binge-a-thon on Netflix, crack open a bottle of wine and make the best out of this 'lockdown'. 

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The trio has seen each other through thick and thin. The people who once stood by each other through divorce, sickness and personal loss are now going to spend their entire isolation periodbinge-watching episodes of The Crown. 

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While interviewing with BBC Breakfast's host Jane McCubbin, Doreen the self-appointed spokesperson of the troupe told the audience that they had been alone and healthy in their separate homes for 7 days before they decided to move in together.

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But the real issue that these age-old best friends faced were facing was something we all might have gone through, where would they crash? One best friend counted all her options and said: 

We’re in Carol’s at the moment. Dotty’s got a lovely long back garden which would be great for exercising… I’ve got no garden, but I have got a front room in case we get tetchy with each other. That could be handy. 
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Well, I don't know about y'all but looking at this trio, I feel like I need new friends who are as cool as them.