A few months ago, a TikTok user @nevadashareef posed a question for the parents on the platform. She wanted them to tell one practice that they follow which other parents have questioned over the years.

To this, one woman, named Cayce LaCorte, explained how she tells her daughters that virginity does not exist. It’s a societal concept to put women under pressure and to control them. In the video she elaborates on the same:

It is a patriarchal concept used to control women and serves no purpose. Other than making women feel bad about ourselves. 

She then adds:

Just because some guy randomly sticks his penis in you at some point in your life does not change your worth, it does not change who you are, it doesn’t do anything other than it happened. Sex is important. It’s a big deal. It should always be a big deal. It has nothing to do with your first time…it’s just ridiculous. The whole concept is ridiculous.

She also addresses how other mothers raise their concerns when they hear about this. And the concern is whether Cayce’s daughters will get ‘spoiled’. To this, Cayce rightly says that she just wants her daughters to make informed decisions and be good people. 

I get a lot of crap from other moms saying, “Oh well, do you think that will make your daughters promiscuous? Don’t you think?” And I am like no, I am raising them to be good people and have solid foundations and make their own choices and make smart, intelligent choices. Not because some book says not to.
Bored Panda

Cayce thinks that virginity is one of the examples in the lost list of “arbitrary rules” imposed on women, which shift the focus from safe-sex practices to things that should not be anyone’s concern. 

Also, she has a plan that she follows while raising her 5 daughters, who belong to different age groups. She doesn’t believe in having that ‘one big talk’ and slowly breaks down things to her daughters according to their ages.

A parenting guide that needs to be followed strictly.