Gender inequality has been ingrained in society for as long as we can remember. Even though we’ve come a long way, women still fight for equal rights in everyday activities, including education and employment. 


For those who are still in the denial mode Stefan, a TikTok user, made a video describing the situation and how women really have it worse than men. The differences and stats he pointed out are unnerving.

Talking about the reason why women suffer more severe injuries in car crashes than men, he mentioned data published in a study from 2011.

Despite increased discussion surrounding the inequalities women face at the workplace, there’a long long way to go. Stefan talked about a World Bank report in his video concluding that only 6 countries in the world have achieved equal legal work rights.

Be it the film industry, IT sector or healthcare, the inequality between genders is quite stark.

In his video, Stefan talked about the gender gap in the film industry because it might not seem that important but it reflects our reality and impacts us a lot.

He acknowledged the fact that while we are taking steps to narrow down the gender pay gap, we will take hundreds of years to close the existing gap, as suggested by a WEF report.

From workplace to politics and society, there’s so much we need to change to make this world a better place for women.

All images have been sourced from this Boredpanda article.