If you still think women are abla naris then you should probably teleport yourself to the stone age. Wearing confidence as a crown, not abla but ‘able’ naaris are celebrating themselves, elevating self-love to a whole new level.

Keep scrolling as we have compiled the instances of women choosing themselves over everybody else, making us scream YAS QUEEN.

1. A 45-year-old woman in UK hosted a divorce party for herself to celebrate being ‘finally’ free after her 17-year marriage ended.

Sonia married in an arranged marriage in India in 2003 and relocated to the UK. Despite her efforts to make things work, she soon realised that she was unhappy.  

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2. Three women discovered that they were dating the same man, dumped him and instead went on an all-girls trip together. 

Instead of taking the man down, they chose to join together and travel across the country, which they are doing in a 30-year-old school bus that they have refurbished.

3. Three women in their mid-thirties decided to drive from Delhi to London travelling to 17 countries in 97 days fulfilling their long-time dream and raising awareness about women empowerment. 

Rashmi Gururaja Koppar, Dr. Soumya Gopinath and Nidhi Tiwari, three best friends completed a 21,477 km long journey in a car that was driven by Nidhi throughout the way.


4. A woman called off her engagement with her ex-partner eight years ago and decided to marry herself, taking self-love to a whole new level. 

She prioritises self-love and hopes that other young women will be accepting of themselves, regardless of their relationship status.

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5. A 40-year-old Italian woman, bored waiting for “Mr. Right,” chose to marry herself. 

Laura Mesi had promised herself that if she didn’t find ‘the one’ by the age of 40, she would marry herself.


6. A Woman throws a birthday bash, inviting 9 versions of herself. 

During 2020 lockdown, this woman dons 9 outfits showing various versions of herself and photoshopped all 9 selves of her in a frame. Seemed too real at a glance. 


7. Terminally ill woman throws a ‘rebirth’ party before ending her life. 

After losing nearly all movement because of Lou Gehrig’s disease, artist Betsy Davis bid goodbye to loved ones at an end-of-life party.

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8. A Canadian woman throws a divorce party, her friends showed up wearing their wedding dresses to lift her up and celebrate. 

Drank some wine, ate some food. 


9. UK woman threw a ‘goodbye boob’ party with a breast-themed cake and piñata before undergoing a double mastectomy.

She did not have cancer, but made the decision to get the surgery done after learning that she carried the gene that caused the death of both her mother and sister.

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Real queens, indeed.