We expect celebrities to look like fashion divas and set trends through their choice of outfits at events and fashion shows. But we also do not miss any chance of calling them out for ‘indecency’ if their outfits are even slightly revealing.

Here are a few instances when women had to apologise just because others found their outfits ‘indecent’.

1. When actor Shriya Saran was shamed by a political party and forced to apologise for wearing ‘indecent’ clothes at an event.

Politicians termed her attire ‘indecent’ and an ‘insult’ to Hindu culture. Following backlash, she issued an unconditional apology saying:

I was unaware of the repercussions that would arise because of the attire I wore during the function. I came to know about the silver jubilee function while shooting for a Hindi film in Thanjavur. I came to the function directly from the shooting spot.

2. When Egyptian actress Rania Youssef faced criminal charges for wearing a ‘revealing’ dress at the Cairo International Film Festival and had to issue an apology later.

Three lawyers filed a lawsuit against her accusing her of tarnishing the nation’s image.

She made a statement apologising to her fans.

I would like to tell my audience that what happened was totally unintentional. If I have made a mistake, please forgive me. I am a human being at the end of the day…All of us are. I am sorry and I love you.

3. Izara Aishah, a Malaysian actress, had to apologise for wearing a ‘sexy’ outfit while attending the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

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In an apology posted on Facebook, she wrote:

I apologise to those who are uncomfortable. I will be dressed by decently next time. I accept all of your advice. What all of you have said is true. I’m sorry. This is a lesson for me to learn.

4. When a freelance model from the Philippines had to apologise because people took offense at the ‘revealing’ outfit she wore.

Someone clicked her pictures without her knowledge and posted them on social media.

She took to Facebook to apologise.

I am sorry if you think that this was an ‘indecent exposure’ but it was not my intention.

Why are we so uncomfortable with the outfits women wear?