There are few things as satisfying as a woman realising that she doesn’t need a man, and is powerful enough to call them out on bullshit. Here are few instances when women on the internet were all about savagery and we love it.

1. Great transformation.

2. Trust men to just not understand what is being said. Entitlement does that.

3. Also, they mature faster because they are trying to make up for your stupidity. So be a little less stupid, maybe?

4. Even gravity can’t ground men.

5. Grandma, grand savagery.

6. Peace!

7. “It is too difficult to interact with women these days”. Well, yeah, please don’t.

8. “I was joking when I said she was a slut, and now I will make a joke about rape also.”

How about you just don’t make ‘jokes’?

9. Again, stop ‘joking’.

10. “Why do women want a ‘ladies coach’, if they are so much about equality?”

11. Anyone who says men aren’t dramatic is either totally oblivious or hasn’t met men.

12. Hitting solves zero problems. It only inculcates fear, that may result in submission to just about any random dude, and you don’t want that for your daughter.

13. This is a good lesson for those who defend men saying, “He has always been nice around me”. ME is the keyword here, you have to realise.

14. Don’t give credit where it isn’t due.

15. He thought he was being smart. Sigh!

Great comebacks, women, we will use them (knowing men, the opportunity will arise sooner than later).