Over the years people have come to believe that there is only a certain kind of job that women can pursue. Most people think that jobs that require strength cannot be done by women.

Yeah, they are right, see these examples.

1. Watch this fitness trainer failing miserably at lifting a 500 lbs tyre.

2. This 6-year-old girl couldn’t beat the boys at a flag football event.

3. How can this 7-year-old girl lift weights of 80 kg?

Rory van Ulft apparently started training just after her 5th birthday. She is also the USA weightlifting youth national champion. 

4. Watch this woman offering to push a truck full of milk up an icy hill amid a snowstorm and failing at it.

Charlene Leslie is 33 years old. She was headed to the store when she noticed a truck full of milk struggling to summit a hill and decided to help.

5. How could Mirabai Chanu lift a weight four times that of her body weight, a feat no other Indian woman has accomplished?

This happened at the 2019 World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand. Though she failed to clinch a medal, she lifted 201 kg.

Indian Express

6. This granny from Chennai tried lifting weights and doing squats during the lockdown but obviously she couldn’t.

7. How could a 47-year-old powerlifter win the World Powerlifting Championship?

8. ‘Strongest woman in India’? Yeah right.

Suhani Gandhi was deemed the ‘strongest woman in India’ in the Strongman India League competition, which was held in Goa in 2018.

9. How could this 10-year-old girl from the UK have big dreams like participating in the Olympics?

Aeryn-Ejjina Atkinson is setting ultimate fitness goals for not just the children her age but for adults as well and dreams to participate in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and Crossfit Games in future.

10. Watch this women Battalion in Nagaland fail at lifting a Mahindra Bolero from a ditch.

So, the next time you hear people saying: Women are weak or they can’t do hard labour, share these instances with them.