If you are a woman you would have surely come across men just randomly sliding into your DMs.

Starting from “Hi” they’ll go on to bombarding you with abusive language and even nudes. Here’s some of those creepy messages women have shared.


1.  “I ended up deactivating my Facebook a couple of years back after checking my filtered inbox one day. Multiple strangers like this and one guy had been sending messages about wanting to rape me for a whole freaking year.”
– Arshna

2. “My maid told me that her brother has 3 fake FB profiles which he uses to “talk to girls all day”. She was so proud when she said it. Proud that her brother knows how to use a computer and construct basic English sentences. How do you even react to that?”


3. “A guy once from my gaming friend list started talking to me and he seemed pretty decent so I gave him my snapchat id so we could talk. But then he started talking, trying to make out scenarios and stuff and he would say “It’s okay to do so. I am not a pervert” and insisted I accept a lingerie gift. But then I blocked him and reported his account.”

4. Starting from your article is good, a guy went on to text this to me:

5. “He started the conversation using beautiful words, praising my writing and wits as compared to my age. And then he suddenly got creepy and started sending such messages.”


6. “This is harassment to women. I should have blocked sooner but I forgot. I Never responded . Please SOME men women get this stuff even more than pics.These are scary. Read this to the end. We get creeped out. I am speaking for many women here.”

7. “Hey hello Cutiepie Very pretty Snaps… Specily ur eye and smile… Wonderful. I wud like to have some chats and want to know u.. If u are interested in makin new budys.. then buzz me.. Tc.”

8. “I just found this in my camera roll from like 4 years ago… This is how I deal with creepy men in my DMs (he deactivated after that LMAO).”


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11. “It is not the creepy messages that bother me but the reaction when I refuse to indulge in conversation.”


12. “I’m no longer going to respond to random hi anymore.”

13. This creeps asked me if I would live with him and offered a price.


Listen whoever you are, if you think it’s fun talking to women like this, it’s not.