“Aise mat baitho, achcha nahin lagta.”

This has been a recurrent suggestion from aunties and distant relatives to their daughters.

The sense of modesty attached with female genitalia is such that we’re told to sit with our legs crossed, essentially all the time, and the habit, so ingrained in our heads, is another way of saying: If you don’t want to be looked at, you’d better sit in a way that doesn’t invite attention. 

But women don’t seem to be in the mood to entertain this notion anymore and #womenspreading is proof of that.

Women are posting pictures of themselves with legs wide open in an attempt to say ‘We don’t care’ and we’re all for it. 

Why should boys have all the fun?

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Sitting like a woman.

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How about some equality for breakfast?

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Fuck societal standards.

Bella Hadid, the one who started it all. 

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A ‘Hailey’ cool pose

You lookin’ at me?

I don’t care and neither should you

The (not-so-regular) girls on the train

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Boss girl

Move aside, guys.

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Reclaiming our space.

It’s time women unlearn what they’ve been told for years.