The entire arranged marriage set-up is debatable. And while there are a number of opinions around its foundation, the ‘rishta‘ meetings can surely be plain problematic. Families ask weird and intruding questions, and there’s a lot of people-pleasing that it requires. A tweet pointed out how ladkewalas can have the silliest demands.

DNA India

A Twitter user, Sukaina, shared how someone sent a rishta for a woman she knows. And while talking about her education qualifications, they asked the girl to stop studying after her bachelor’s. Of course, it wasn’t a substantial argument – they wanted that because the guy in the said set-up was an undergrad.

Of course, it’s concerning how people think that can control the woman in such a set-up. As if it gives them the right to choose for her, just because they have the ‘ladka‘. Also, why is being a ladkewala still a flex?

Twitter isn’t very surprised.

When will people stop having problems with women being educated?