It’s no secret that divorce is gravely frowned upon in Indian society. Unfortunately, it’s a very expensive process, and people don’t make it any easier when they shame women for their break up. 

Because families often end up blaming women for a relationship failing, which is, let’s be honest, unfair AF. And so this tweet we came across about how important it is to destigmatise divorce just has to be discussed.

Twitter user Namrata Gawas posted saying just how important it is to normalise divorce, especially for women who are coerced to stay in marriages for the sake of the ‘family honour’ or society’s comfort. 

Here are all the words of wisdom people pitched in with. So many twitizens talked about how much healthier it is to end a troubled relationship than hold on to it and hurt yourself even more by doing so. 

IMO, divorce is a personal life decision that should be left up to the person, or couple. It’s high time parents and family understand that their children’s happiness is more important than maintaining a reputation.