Ladies, the journey to self-acceptance is a rocky ride. Every day is a new battle to embrace your best self. In this exhausting journey riddled with slippery slopes, here are some tweets to make your day better:

1. Body Hair

Society expects us to be soft and hairless like a baby’s butt cheek. Meanwhile, there’s men out there with more bushes than a tropical forest. 

2. Mansplaining 

Every girl has a bonehead in her life who chews up and spits back out a deformed, mangled version of body positivity. Even men are a victim to this toxic troupe. 

3. Body Types

Limiting women into a niche category of body types is so 2012. 

4. Your Own Body

Sometimes just having a body is way too much work. 

5. Loving Yourself

With the uproar of self-love and inner strength messages on the internet, there’s overwhelming pressure to love yourself. It’s almost as if you’re guilty if you don’t. But it’s okay to take a moment and be upset about the sea of gorgeous, unrelatable people on social media. Sometimes you falter in your quest to be comfortable in your own skin, and that’s fine. 

Body Positivity is not easy. At times you feel inspired, while others you feel like your self-confidence was run over by a bulldozer. The important thing is, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together!