Women are often conditioned to keep the fact that they’re on their period under wraps. Which also means that we’ve to keep quiet about the pain that comes along with it. Obviously, there is a huge stigma around menstruation. Because of which we’re expected to trudge along and carry out mundane tasks and pretty much ignore the pain we’re in. 

Which is all the more reason for us to share these tweets where women are discussing the reality of how painful menstruation can really be!

Periods are an aspect of women’s health that is heavily associated with shame and it’s about time we get honest and well acquainted with it. Because only insight and information can break the stigma down.

Part of the stigma around menstruation is also being conditioned to deny ourselves of medical help, or any form of comfort, so as to prove to ourselves and the people around us that we’re strong enough to ‘bear’ it. 

It’s so good to see a man speak up about menstruation from a place of empathy. Because we’re tired of having to ask the world to understand. 

“Panic attack inducing period pain,” yep, that’s a thing. It’s not a figment of our imagination!

Why aren’t women taken seriously when they ask for a checkup? Period pain is already bad enough, do we really need our loved ones and doctors not believing us either?

Better health care, more empathy and basically treating women’s health as important as everyone else’s, that’s all we’re asking for.