Being a woman and not being surrounded by ‘creeps’ is rare, especially when you are at a bar. At times it can be really complicated to deal with such people and the vibes they radiate maybe because you do not want to create a scene or something.

The next best thing is people around you notice this and do something about it. A similar incident happened with a Twitter user in Florida who was at a bar with one of her friends.

A bartender handed them a note in disguise of a receipt asking if the man was hitting on them and they wanted him to be kicked out.

The Twitter user asked the bartender to pose with the note once the ‘creep’ was kicked out of the bar.

The bartender’s perfect solution to make sure the girls were comfortable is winning hearts on the internet.

While some people talked about similar incidents that happened with them, others hailed the bartender as a ‘hero’.

The bartender, Max Guttierez, later also responded to the tweet and wrote that creepy guy showed up at the same bar again hoping to catch a drink, but was refused service.

Good folks like him deserve all the praise and appreciation.