When it comes to slaying it in style, women definitely have an ace up their sleeves. Like in the case of National Gold Medalist gymnast Parul Arora, whose video of nailing flips in a saree recently went viral on social media. 

Parul Arora is a National Gold Medalist Gymnast and fitness model. In a video shared by Twitter user Aparna Jain, she can be seen effortlessly performing multiple flips, as if flying through the air. And that too in a saree. 


People were quick to laud her for her grace and skill: 

This is certainly not the first time that women have nailed complex tasks in sarees. From Usha Soman’s push-ups to dancer Eshna Kutty hula hoop dance, women have been truly slaying it in sarees. 

And people even shared videos of other women performing flips in saree online. 

What stars!