Have you ever imagined if Tinder behaved like your parents, how many of you would get off the app right away? No, don’t worry, Tinder is safe, But it has come to our attention that there is another app, that is being dubbed the ‘Sanskari Tinder’

The app, Jodable, is incredible. As in incredibly sexist and casteist. It asks you to get into a relationship within your own caste so that you don’t get into fight with your parents. 

There’s a lot more of where this came from. 

And not just about caste, this app asks you to marry within your own community. Without sugarcoating it, if you are of one religion and your partner is from another, don’t bang!

It even asks you to not have sex before marriage. And has weird solutions to problems like “what to do if you want to say hi to another person” 

It also makes posters about not doing un-sanskari things, like consensual sex, dating, being a normal, well adjusted human being among other things. 


Naturally, when Twitter caught wind of this, all hell broke loose. 

Okay, fair enough. I am making it sound like the world’s about to end when in all honesty, this isn’t that surprising. But that’s how clickbait works. So, just please roll with it. 

Well well well, looks like we finally have the answer to what would happen if we had Tinder in 13th century India. Hehe. Yeah, that’s how far behind we have fallen.