As a female interviewer, what could be the worst-case scenario in an interview? Well, the interviewee not acknowledging your existence and only responding to your male counterpart? Yes. This tweet from Gergely Orosz, a former engineer at Uber, has gone viral for the right reasons!

Those who think sexism does not exist, here’s some very subtle proof for you.

Some people did come and defend the interviewees saying that they may have not looked at the woman because of being introverts or, perhaps, because of their religious/cultural contexts. Gergely cleared this misconception. 

The issue in light is grave.

And the problem is cross-sectoral across different industries.

Imagine you are the interviewer and the candidate is questioning your credibilities. Could things get any worse?

And then this is for the people who are denying the crystal clear misogny playing here.

The fact that so many women can relate to this is so upsetting.

When you read through the thread, you will be left speechless to find so many women relating to this experience. Not just in tech, the gender prompted prejudices are everywhere. It is so important to be cognizant of these unfair binaries that seem to reduce the worth of a woman. They must be called out. They must end!