Marriage is a big step, one of the biggest you take in your personal life. It involves a great deal of emotional and financial investment which obviously leads to big consequences. 

A lot of times people tend to forget the last part. Or at least they don't actively think about it. 

Marriage certificate
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And that's mostly because of the way our culture is. Marriage has been turned into this carnival that starts with a (big) event and that's it, you're together. For life. Through thick and thin. It's all great.

Is it, really, though? We have all seen couples struggling because none of them bothered to ask questions to each other before getting married and hence there was/is no clarity. 

That is where the following thread proves helpful. Created by Twitter user Saag Jaan, it is titled: DONT GET MARRIED BEFORE. Now, this thread has a list of questions that you must ask your partner AND yourself so that friction, if any, can be reduced in future. Here you go:

Financial matters. 

Defining 'loyalty', the number of kids you guys want to have (if at all).

Diseases, relocation, career plans.

Religious inclinations, value system, mental health issues (if any).

The vibe, the clothing.

Sex (needs, desires, preferences), money matters. 

Interaction with the opposite sex, space.

Savings, what parts of your relationship do you want to make public.

Definition of 'cheating', definition of 'abuse'.

What if some tragedy takes place? Your wishes.

And lastly, THIS.

These of course are bigger topics and people change with time, their opinions, preferences, everything.

However, laying down ground rules does no harm. It's your best bet at having an equal, fair and happy marriage.