One of the many consequences of patriarchy is how little women are truly heard and given autonomy over their own bodies. It often shows when doctors trivialize issues regarding women’s reproductive health and this Twitter thread by Dr. Jocelyn J. Fitzgerald talks about something along the same lines.  

Dr. Jocelyn J. Fitzgerald talks about an unfortunate and discomforting result of delivering a baby known as prolapse. When a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, tissues and ligaments weaken and stretch, it can result in organs dropping out of their normal position. Yep. You read that right. 

But mainly, her tweet talks about the lack of education and awareness around the topic, and how women are often dismissed when they do discuss symptoms associated with prolapse. 

Here are some things that other Twitter users added to Fitzgerald’s thread. So many people have talked about not being taken seriously or heard out, it’s sad TBH. 

Isn’t it strange that women are asked to double check with their husbands before making decisions about their own bodies?