There’s no doubt that most women in our country refrain from asking or demanding things, especially in their tender teen years. We all have been there when we couldn’t demand anything because log kya kahenge ya kya sochenge. However, with time, we all realized the importance of raising our voices. 

Gulshan, a Delhi-based media student who goes by the username @ityade, recently took to her social media account and wrote a beautiful message for all young girls in a series of threads.


She advised these young girls to make asking or demanding things a habit. She wrote:

A lot of time we are hesitant to ask for things in public because we don’t want to cause inconvenience to people around us.

She also talked about how the girls don’t have the confidence to function in public spaces, like men, when they grow a little older.

We are often so “protected” that we don’t have the space to explore the outside and develop that confidence. If someone is cutting in the queue tell them to join from the back.

Needless to mention, her on-point thread was praised by the netizens and this is what they had to say:

You can check the entire thread here:

Girls, it is important to be independent and speak for yourself because no one else will.