There are some feelings in the world that are universal. Falling in love, crying your eyes out after watching Up and feeling a sudden sense of relief after unhooking your bra. 


Sure, there are different types of bras for all occasions. The underwire, the no wire, T-shirt bras, sports bras, the one you get from a luxury brand and the one you get from that thela from Sarojini. 

Indian Express

It might even feel sometimes that finding a well-fitted bra that supports your ‘lady lumps’ is the stuff of your dreams.  

But honestly, there is no better feeling in the goddamn world than taking your bra off and flinging it over on your bed at the end of a hectic day. 

(No matter how bloody exquisite it is) 

I mean remember that scene from Titanic when Rose’s mother makes her wear that tight AF corset? Just watching that gave me the shivers. 


Seriously! Us women have been subjected to these evil restrictions since decades due to societal expectations and a need for support. 

And like idiots, we even follow it all friggin day. 

But ladies, we all know that taking off the bra is pretty much something we think about the entire day. In fact, I feel my boobs screaming for azaadi for the entire 8-hour work shift.

And why the hell not? It is THE most liberating experience and it totally brings out the real us.   

Life’s stupid existential shit just melts away for a few minutes as you scratch that itch you’ve been fighting the whole day.    


I mean after fighting with everyday sexism, telling our co-worker why his date went south & generally fighting for our rights in the world, we deserve this freedom. Isn’t it?     


Whether it’s the straps that are digging deeper into your skin more than your therapist giving a shit about your problems or the wires that are plotting your murder, no part of wearing a bra is good. And when this cage comes off, the feeling is incomparable.           


Anyone who wears a bra will agree that once it is off, there’s no way in hell it is going back on the body again. (Unless of course, my house is on fire)


So, ladies let’s unite and appreciate this basic yet ground shattering activity i.e. unhooking the bra and let’s free that goddamn nipple. 


No, really. This bra is killing me!