Our world loves giving advice to women. They’ve been doing so for centuries. From ‘telling’ us what we should wear to ‘guiding’ us on how we should be, our society is in one-sided love with the idea of women having no agency of their own. In the 21st century, these norms are paraded as saintly (unsolicited) advice FOR women.

You see, our bodies are very “precious”, and the male gaze is instinctual, albeit problematic. So naturally, one thinks the more women’s bodies are covered, the better. But more on that later.

woman asking to shut up

Let’s look at those unsolicited pieces of advice, which are often masqueraded as being FOR women but are actually blatantly sexist and incredibly annoying.

1. “Don’t wear revealing clothes”

Coz ache ghar ki ladkiyaan…

annoying advice women get
Sunaina Bhatia Quora

2. “Tumhari bra strap dikh rahi hai”

Oh, the blasphemy!

society on women's bra straps

3. “You’re too hairy. You should get waxed”

4. “You’ve put on too much make-up. Girls look much better without it


women make-up society

5. “Sit properly”


sit properly
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6. “Good girls don’t smoke…”

women drinking and smoking

7. “They also don’t drink alcohol”

women drinking and smoking
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8. “Get married now. It’s getting too late”

society on women marriage

9. “You’re married? Great! Khush khabri kab suna rahi ho fir?”

society for married women preganancy

10. “Women look prettier in long hair. Don’t cut them short!”

11. “You’re married now! You should prioritize your family before your career”

‘Be flexible, yaar!’

Indian Matchmaking flexible dialogue

12. “Don’t be so outgoing”


13. “Don’t be that ‘feminist’ type”

Feminism – The most misunderstood word of our times.

feminism women
Feminism In India

14. “Don’t be over-friendly with boys!”

women friends men

15. “Don’t talk so loudly. Speak like a lady”

‘And don’t have opinion, please!’

unsolicited advice socity has for women
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16. “You’ve put on so much weight. Gym kyun nahi join kar leti?”

While expecting us to do this:

problematic advice women get

17. “Every girl should know how to cook”

*EVERYONE should know how to cook.

annoying thinks women are tired of hearing

Back off, please!