The world around women suddenly changes if they are about to get married mainly because people expect you to behave and look in a certain manner.

The load of these expectations can be heavy especially just before the wedding. Here’s a few unrealistic expectations people have from women.

1. You are supposed to lose weight because you got to fit in that wedding dress.

From dieting to weird nuskhe, people will tell you everything you need to do to lose weight before your wedding.

2. You should learn to cook if you do not know already because husbands aren’t supposed to cook, right?

3. You should do everything possible to look fair on the wedding day.

4. Your ambitions should align with that of your partner’s even if it means quitting your job.

5. You should be ready to have joint finances – bank accounts, insurance, etc.

6. You shouldn’t be talking too much to your friends of the opposite sex.


7. You should do everything possible to please your future in-laws.

8. You should follow a diet to look in ‘shape’ and purchase all sorts of slimming products.

9. You should learn to be quiet and extra polite because that’s how women are supposed to behave.

10. You should not wear ‘boyish’ clothes and practice wearing suits and sarees.

When will we stop having these unrealistic expectations?