Women are always asking for it. If she is harassed, abused, the blame is always on the woman and not the man, the perpetrator of the crime. Victim blaming and shaming is now a widespread issue in India. 

Recently actor, Zaira Wasim of Dangal fame came to the fore and shared her harrowing experience of abuse on a flight. While some came out to support her, many were quick to dismiss it as a publicity gimmick. For a child, aged 17, to first comprehend what has happened to her and then to come out openly to share her experience, requires a great deal of courage. The incident only goes to prove the mindset that it is always the fault of the victim. Such comments only discourage women to come out and share their tales of abuse in the first place. 

Through these posters, we throw light upon how women are objectified and made to feel like they aren’t humans. 

You can watch Chase documentary on revenge porn here:

Design Credits: Aakansha Pushp