God forbid you decide to groove a little as a woman. God forbid. 

You immediately become an “attention seeker”. On a good day. On a bad day, you are an attention seeker who must be sent to the police.  

This is exactly what happened when a woman was seen dancing in a public place in Islamabad. The person, who had no problem making a video of a woman simply minding her own business, can be heard saying “Police ko call karna yaar“. 


It doesn’t stop there, the video is then uploaded on Twitter and the police are tagged so that they can take necessary action.

This is the point we have reached.

Now, everyone knows what all things men are allowed to do in public without being called out once. 

They are peeing, eve-teasing – doing all sorts of stuff and no one bats an eyelid. But when it comes to a woman, something as harmless as a little dancing becomes a sin.

The same was pointed out by some Twitter users.

Some people went as far as saying that she is “mentally unstable”. That’s offensive not only to her but also to people who actually have mental illnesses. You can’t go around labeling people as “unstable” for dancing.

What a world to live in!