Periods are considered a taboo topic in India. People in India don’t wanna talk about periods, hence the lack of knowledge and the hush-hush discussions around it. So much so, that sanitary-making pads have named themselves Whisper – what an irony, as rightly pointed out by a comedian.


Now, the jokes are funny. Hilarious at times. But they also bring out the sad reality of sex education in India. With a population of over 600 million women, you’d expect periods to be a normalized topic of discussion, especially considering we are living in 2022 and all, but no. 

Vivek Samtani didn’t just stop at making a witty connection there, he also talked about how sanitary pads’ marketing and advertisements paint a picture which is distant from reality, making them a part of the problem.


He also talked about how fewer people, especially guys, know about periods and everything around it. Vivek highlighted how most guys don’t even know how a pad is used. He shed light on some really crucial topics, ranging from sex education to the lack of freedom that women still face in 2022. 

Now, if I’ll write about it it’ll become a very boring read. So, you can watch his video below instead.

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