Whenever a successful woman, any successful woman has a child, there is one persistent question that begins to run in people’s minds.

How will she manage motherhood and her career?

Times of India

The idea, of course, is that now that she is going to be a mother, her priorities will (have to) change. 

Which, in turn, is a thought that stems from the fact that the physical aspects of parenting are still looked at, as a single-person-job: That of a mother’s.


So, when Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma announced yesterday that they are having a kid, a Twitter user reversed the question and posed it to the guy. 

This was just to show how odd these questions seem when asked to a man.

Sounds absurd, right? What do you mean ‘how will he balance cricket and fatherhood’? 

He can, of course. So can any other woman. 

Here are some other replies on the thread, for some perspective.

And some more to show that the sexism is so deep rooted in people’s heads, they do not even get the sarcasm of the tweet.

Meanwhile, some other Twitter users also tried to highlight the inherent discrimination in the society, and their tweets were bang on. 

A strong point made well.