In today’s WTF news, we have just discovered through a Twitter user Arko that there are companies that are still stuck in the 14th century by selling products like i-Virgin.

If you haven’t realised what this is, it’s quite literally virginity pill capsules sold by a company called i-Virgin. 


There’s artificially created blood in these capsules that burst with pressure and oozes fake blood. LIKE WHO THE FUCK TRIED TO CORRELATE ‘PURITY’ WITH VIRGINITY?

And if that wasn’t the worst part, it’s sold in India for 3100 Rupees.

If that’s not all, there is feedback online about this. Isn’t it disgusting that society has pressured women into buying these things? 

How is it that a period stain on your sheets in looked down upon and is considered a taboo but using such things to “bleed on your first night” is totally acceptable?  

The Journal

Virginity is obviously a taboo in our society and trying to associate your hymen with “purity” is a societal notion that we need to let go off.