The first focus of any person playing a sport should be on the knowledge of craft. Sadly, in India, it seems the first focus is on the gender of the person playing the sport. Point in case – the wide wage gap between male and female cricketers in India. 

Indian Express

Wisden India reported on Twitter the contract value for male and female cricketers. 

The biggest concern here is that even if male cricket matches draw greater crowd, and thus greater revenue – this pay gap is too extreme to be acceptable; because the female cricketers are putting in just as much effort and hours of practice as male cricketers. 

Look closely, and you’d notice that even the highest paid women cricketers are earning less than their male counterparts in the lowest pay slab. In what world is this fair?


Not only is this extremely unfair, it also does nothing to boost the morale of existing and aspiring female cricketers. Something that Twitterati strongly agreed with! 

It’s 2018, and we have started giving women a ‘chance’ to enter the field, but apparently we still don’t want to give them due credit. Because we can have a day for women, just not equal pay for them.