Fashion and comfort often don't go hand-in-hand (yes, celebrities lie about that), but there are certain discomforts you can bear while others are just ridiculous. Here are some trends, that are so dangerous, they have claimed lives.

1. Wearing killer heels

High heels are always in fashion and always will be, but their height is directly proportional to the pain they bring. Called 'killer heels', they can lead to serious issues like bunions (painful bumps) and metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot). In many cases, surgeries have to be performed to make the foot functional again. 

Killer Heels
Source: ABC News

2. Carrying huge ass bags

Again, something that has been in vogue for many years, huge bags lead to many back problems because when you carry such heavy weight on one shoulder, the body's response is to push itself towards the other. This leads to serious muscle strain.

Huge bags
Source: InStyle

3. Going for bikini waxing

This might be hard to believe but in 8 years between 2002 and 2010, around 7000 women had to be sent to emergency rooms because of cuts/injuries they suffered during bikini waxing. In fact, it is also said that life-threatening bacteria can also enter a woman's body during these procedures.

Bikini waxing
Source: Nacach

4. Using age spot faders

These use hydroquinone, which is known to cancer in rats and mice. The FDA, in the US has proposed that the chemical be banned, as it also results in a change in skin colour of the person applying it.

age fader
Source: John Lewis

5. Using hair straightening treatments that can potentially cause cancer

Some products used for hair straightening have formaldehyde, a chemical that can cause cancer in the worst cases. It also leads to bloody nose, eye irritation, coughing etc. 

Hair straightening treatments
Source: NDTV

6. Getting gel manicures

These manicures require the person to expose their hands to UV light, which dries the nail-paint. That isn't necessarily good because, besides ageing, it can also lead to cancer.

Gel manicures
Source: Byrdie

7. Wearing neck rings

A traditional of piece jewellery, it is still worn by women in many cultures in order to elongate their necks. Their effectiveness has been argued for years but the dangers are evident and manifest themselves in the form of paralysis and restrained blood flow. 

Neck rings
Source: Al Jazeera

8. Wearing waist trainers

In a bid to achieve that 'perfect hour-glass figure', many women start wearing trainers which basically pull the entire waist together. This obviously means that the organs also get squished, leading to their damage and other problems like infections, Gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, etc. 

Waist trainers
Source: Net Doctor

9. Using fashion braces

As recently as 2018, doctors were issuing warnings against fashion braces which are reported to have high amounts of lead. Two deaths were reported due to these braces in Thailand, though direct links between their demise and the device could not be found.

Fashion braces
Source: New York Daily News

10. Using injectible botox

These things are available online for a far lesser price than actual treatment, and so, many women are tempted to buy and use them. What happens, though, is that you never know what exactly are the chemicals in it and how harmful they are. Sometimes, they are REALLY harmful.

Injectible botox
Source: Safety In Beauty

11. Wearing low-rise/skinny jeans

Experts say that low-rise jeans can 'drag your pelvic backwards'. I can't picture that, but it definitely doesn't sound great. This apparently affects your sacroiliac joints, which support the spine. 

Wearing low-rise or skinny jeans
Source: E! Online

12. Wearing super tight belts

Quite similar to waist trainers, wearing very tight belts might lead to physical issues like heartburn (will never look at belts the same way again).

Super tight belts
Source: Cheat Sheet

13. Wearing heavy earrings

If the earrings are too heavy, they obviously pull down the earlobes, leading to their enlargement, or even tearing. Sometimes, surgeries have to be performed to fix the same and that can result in the formation of an itchy scar, called keloid. 

14. Tying hair in a high ponytail

Sometimes, if a high ponytail is kept on for too long, it can lead to head strain and balding

Painfully high ponytails
Source: StyleCaster

15. Taking teeth whitening sessions

Not many know but the bleaching agents used in teeth whitening can cause harmful side-effects like gum burns, stomach irritation, and throat infections. 

teeth whitening sessions
Source: Medical Express

16. Artificial tanning

In order to make their skin look naturally sun-kissed, women take a lot of risks. Some of them being: Premature ageing, skin cancer, eye damage. Most of these happen due to exposure to UV rays directly and for a prolonged period of time. 

 Artificially tanning bodies
Source: Medicine Net

17. Applying anti-ageing creams

These products normally use a substance called hydroxy acid which allows anti-ageing substances to seep through the skin. However, it comes at a cost. It also allows UV rays to penetrate through, which can result in a type of cancer, called malignant melanoma.

anti ageing creams
Source: Daily Mirror

18. Using old eye makeup

Often, we end up using the same makeup brush for years and that leads to the growth of bacteria in the makeup. When applied directly to the face, especially eyes, it can cause major irritation, infection, etc. Apart from that, if pieces of makeup go inside the eye, that's dangerous too. 

Using old eye makeup

19. Getting lip injections

In a particular dreadful incident, many women in Arizona ended up in a hospital because the lip injections they took for plumping, lead to severe infections. A lot of them even feared that they'll get permanent scars on their face and police had to be roped in, in the matter.

Getting lip injections
Source: WebMD

20. Liposuction

In another incident, a woman's intestines punctured and bowels backed up into her system because of an alleged failed liposuction surgery. These are commonly known side-effects of the procedure. 

Artificially removing body fat by liposuction
Source: Plastic Suregry

Too risky.