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Julie Andrews had no idea what she was talking about when she said “A Queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early” in the Princess Diaries Movie.

Life isn’t always so forgiving for us latecomers. It would much rather give us a whole new bunch of problems to deal with. Sadly, it’s not the constant problem of always being out of breath that we’re just referring to ⁠— if only.

We genuinely don’t know how we end up ALWAYS being late. No matter how many hours we have in hand to spare.

The struggle is real guys!! If you still don’t feel sorry for us, here is a list to help melt your hearts.

1. We have no option but to multitask

Even if I were an actual Goddess with literally 10 hands, I wouldn’t be able to match pace with my mind giving out a hundred instructions a second.

And why is that weird song stuck in my mind again?  

2. Our hair is always a mess

I always wanted to be the lion king. Guess what? I am the lion king. Look at all that frizz! And the real nightmare is when I am getting late for a nightout. My hair, which has a mind of it’s own would rather have me sporting a look that says ”I just got an electric shock of 440 volts”. Now that I have Livon hair serum, I can get salon finish hair at home and that too in no time. Thank God! #NoMoreFomo yaayyy!!!

3. We’re always running out of excuses

“My dog fell sick and vomited on my cat”
“The metro was delayed because of a flash mob of Naga Sadhus”

“A monkey came out of nowhere and took my bag away and I was late because I was wrestling the monkey in the back lanes of Old Delhi as the locals cheered me on and later took my autograph”

These are just some of the wild excuses I have come up with because, “my alarm didn’t go off” isn’t a good enough excuse anymore. 

4. Every traffic signal gives you a brain aneurysm

“When you’re really really running late, all of the world’s traffic lights will conspire to make you even later.” – probably not Paolo Coelho. 

Sitting in the drivers seat, listening to some idiot talking too fast on the radio, I swear on the sweet music of Baba Sehgal to take revenge on every traffic signal and slow driver who has ever helped in me being late. 

182 to go. 

5. We have to be a daredevil on the streets

Should I ever get mowed down by a car, tell my boss I’d be late!

6. Your friends are mad at you all the time

As if making excuses for my boss wasn’t hard enough. I also have to think of damage control ideas for my friends who are both fast & furious. 

Running late is more of a curse for us, because we end up missing out on a lot. When we are late to work, we can still make-up by working for extra hours. But when we’re late for a party, boy oh boy do we miss the fun! Sad. Pretty much like this girl here who missed the party because her hair played spoilsport

Illustrations by Muskan Baldodia