24-year-old Nodeep (Navdeep) Kaur is a Dalit and labour rights activist, associated with the Mazdoor Adhikar Sangathan (MAS) union, who joined the on-going farmers’ protest at the Singhu border. 

And since January 12, she’s been in the Karnal jail, apparently arrested for crimes she didn’t commit, and allegedly assaulted while in police custody.


Originally hailing from Punjab’s Muktasar district, Nodeep began working as labourer right after school, because of her family’s financial conditions. 

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She was part of the MAS, the union that has been participating in the farmers’ protests since December, in order to draw attention to the mistreatment of labourers, especially with respect to non-payment of salaries. 

Allegedly, she was fired from her job with a private firm in Kundli, without pay, because she decided to participate in the protest. 


In a video shared by poet Rupi Kaur, Nodeep can be seen talking about how farmers and labourers need to join hands and fight against the privatisation of lands and factories. 

According to Nodeep’s sister, Ph.D. student Rajvir Kaur, Nodeep was arrested late at night, and initially, her family was not provided any information about where the police had taken her. 

It was much later that Rajvir was informed that Nodeep is being held at the Karnal jail. When she met her, she realized that Nodeep had been assaulted in police custody. On February 2, her bail request was denied. 

I met her (Nodeep) on January 13 only and realised she has been subjected to police violence, including assault on her genitals that can be termed sexual violence… They (Police) accuse her of extortions. I ask, will extortion be for mere Rs 5,000? Will extortion be done by holding a protest? They have accused her under 307 IPC? The policeman is giving interviews saying Nodeep Kaur of Punjab is extorting money for labourers. These are all fake charges. They are framing her as if my sister attacked the police station. She was the one who was beaten and dragged from there.

-Rajvir Kaur to SabRang

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After almost a month of her arrest, the case is slowly gaining attention on social media, though the national media has still been largely silent about her arrest. 

Recently, author and lawyer Meena Harris, who’s the niece of US VP Kamala Harris and has spoken about the farmers’ protest in the past, also tweeted about the assault that Kaur had allegedly been subjected to in police custody. 

A petition has also been started on Change.org, demanding Nodeep’s release. 


Her case is constantly gaining attention, with #ReleaseNodeepKaur even trending on Twitter. But, as of now, she continues to be jailed.