Have you ever caught sight of a woman breastfeeding her baby in public area? How did you react to it? Was it like a not-acceptable moment or did you feel butterflies in your stomach? Well, personally, I have always wondered why our chachis-bhabis especially in rural areas are subjected to cover themselves up with their saree ka pallu or dupatta while breastfeeding their babies in front of family members. I believe, it is due to the fact that the men would get uncomfortable or it would invite sexual attention. Too much exposure for the eyes, yeah?

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I also need to know why breastfeeding in public is even a debatable topic to discuss. Unfortunately, there are so many opinions on the subject. Speaking of which, a Reddit user, r/kampfhuegi recently asked netizens, “What are your views on breastfeeding in public?” And I found some really sensible comments on its thread.

Don’t really care tbh, if you have to breastfeed a child then you should be allowed to do it as it’s a part of nature.  


Should be the norm. If it bothers you, either don’t look, or seek therapy.


If it makes ppl uncomfortable they are the problem. There is nothing wrong with a mother feeding their child. Ppl often advocate for women to breast feed but then continue to call them whore for doing it in public. Often conservatives. There’s nothing indecent or sexual about it, in my opinion if ppl stare or are uncomfortable they are most likely perverts.  


100% natural and should be allowed anywhere. And total BS that men can walk around topless but women are forced to cover up. FREE THE NIPPLE!  


What are your thoughts on some one eating a burger and fries at the beach? If they’re hungry the child is too. people should mind their own business or close their eyes if they don’t like it.


Why is this even a controversy?  


Breasts are meant to feed babies but have unfortunately been very sexualized in our society. If you think it’s not okay for a woman to breastfeed in public, you’re one of the weirdos who’ve sexualized it.  


It’s fine, my wife did it from time to time. If you find it sexual or distracting that’s a little weird.  


That it’s none of my business and that if people have a problem with a woman feeding her baby they can look away for the small amount of time that it takes to whip out a breast, feed the baby, and put the breast away once the baby’s done. And if they tell her to do it in the bathroom then I’d ask them why should the baby risk getting sick by being fed in an unsanitary place just so that they feel comfortable?  


Yeah honestly it should be normalized because it is natural and essential for infant growth and development, it isn’t disgusting at all and babies gotta eat, but at the same time don’t invite unwanted attention and do something like use a blanket or something so as to not expose your breast to anyone and everyone who happens to be looking at the exact moment you whip it out. Creeps and weirdos are everywhere and not covering it up only invites them to share their weirdness and put you as a mother in some very awkward and extremely uncomfortable situations. Not to mention the fact that it could put you and your baby in danger from potentially violent perverts.  


According to a 2020 Indian Express report, a study conducted by a baby product brand, Tommee Tippee claimed that one in every six women has faced unwanted sexual attention while breastfeeding in public. The study suggested that 26 per cent of women said that strangers watched them disapprovingly during the process. 27 per cent of them were told to go and breastfeed elsewhere, and 10 per cent were asked to leave the premises or ‘cover up’.

In India, breastfeeding in public is still a taboo. For the ones who believe it is not acceptable, grow up people cos breastfeeding is completely normal. It is, in fact, a beautiful sight that the nature has offered us. How can anyone hate when the baby is hungry and make cute noises during the process? I ask.