It’s not easy for a woman to go out in the field and do her job without fear. Fear of being surrounded by perverts or indecent people. Fear of being harrassed by men.

Recently a female journalist, Aishwarya S Iyer, took to Twitter to talk about her experience of reporting from the field where men wouldn’t stop with their indecency. From touching their crotch every fucking time to disrespecting women, she expressed anger on indecent things men do in public spaces.

Noting her experience at the Kisan Mahapanchayat, she wrote how men wouldn’t stop scratching their balls or touching their scrotch even after pointing out.

As women, we are always cautious of people who surround us in public spaces like the metro, buses, etc. A reporter’s job is to go on the field and cover the news. Aishwarya further spoke about how she was crowded by men when she was entering the venue and had to pull out a selfie stick to maintain some distance.

Several women related to this incident and shared similar experiences in public spaces.

Isn’t this supposed to be about basic civic sense irrespective of gender?