Menstruation, periods, that time of the month, code red, aunt flow, bloody mary, down, crimson wave… And what not! 

With constantly evolving language and trends, it’s hard to keep up with the number of slangs and euphemisms for menstruation. However, while we’re busy christening and re-christening a normal bodily function, how many of us actually know what exactly happens when a woman is on her periods?

What is ovulation? Where do the eggs come from? What is the bloody thing that keeps flowing for 5-6 days straight? Why does it make women uncomfortable? Why don’t other animals menstruate? 

The answers for all these and more such questions can be found in this 5-minute video clip by Ted Education

Even if you think you know exactly what happens, give the video a watch. We bet you’ll learn something new from it. Check it out: