Some universal mysteries have been around for a while and no one could ever get past through the “wow but whyyyyy…?” phase while thinking about them. What’s the deal with the Bermuda’s Triangle? How were the standing stones made to stand at Stonehenge? Was there actually a city called Atlantis? And why do panties have those secret little pockets? Well, while we don’t have an answer to the alien blame-worthy former three questions, it seems like we have got an answer for the last one. 

We have always wondered why do our knickers have those little pockets lining the crotch. (For keeping a credit card and jewels for emergency… or smuggling?) So, that little pocket is called the gusset, and it has a really important purpose of maintaining vaginal health.

The gusset is made of cotton, a more breathable material, unlike the rest of the panty which is made of a synthetic fiber like lace and nylon. This absorbs the moisture and discharges from the vagina more effectively. And hence, it decreases the risk of a yeast infection and prevents friction. What a relief!


The small patch of cotton makes sure that our vagina is all comfy down there, as it helps in keeping it dry and lets it breathe.

Dr. Shirin Lakhani, a cosmetic doctor and intimate health expert at Elite Aesthetics, says, “When we walk around all day in the same pair of knickers, our body produces sweat and moisture as we go, and this can then become trapped in our underwear – the bacteria in our sweat can be absorbed by underwear which is then held against the intimate areas such as the vulva and anus, causing a build-up.”

As a happy vagina means a happy soul, our little friend gusset makes sure that the moist and dark region doesn’t lead to a damp environment, where yeast and bacteria thrive the most. 

All hail the little pocket aka gusset!