Women and science? What a joke! Let me tell you, people think times have changed, but it’s all a sham.

1. Name one woman who has ever invented/discovered anything on God’s green Earth?

2. Okay, one Indian woman scientist then?

3. Okay, these might be exceptions. Women these days push open a door that reads ‘pull’. They can’t comprehend basic directions.

4. Okay, a woman sat at home and discovered something. Big deal! In reality, women are too weak to take on actual missions.

5. Women can’t handle important shit. This is just how things are. #SorryNotSorry.

6. Women cannot handle money, they totally suck at it. They know how to spend it, for sure? But make use of it? Never!

7. Astronomy? Women are only interested in astrology. Zodiacs are all they care about.

8. They are too busy posting ‘deadly selfies’. How will they find a cure for deadly diseases?

9. Name one woman NASA entrusted with responsibility. They have no real scope in science.

Washington Post

10. Women are just too much. Their ‘icy cold friend-zoning hearts’ can’t handle extreme conditions.

11. Don’t even get me started on women in mathematics! They can be your ex, but can’t find ‘x’. 

12. Women in chemistry? Lol, God endowed them with Bio, let them deal with that.

13. Women should just take Humanities and learn Home Economics. Learning science is just a waste of time and their dad’s money.

14. Women are born to be rescued. These damsels in distress can’t save anyone.

15. The only thing that women know about computers is which colour they are.

16. Women are too busy finding a potential mate, who’ll provide for them. They shouldn’t occupy themselves with finding anything else.

17. Women can’t be sent to space, yo. Unless you want a meteor to hit the Earth.

18. Woman paleontologist? I wonder how they find time out to dig out stuff, when they in reality are busy digging up reasons to argue.

19. Women can only be a mother or work. They can’t juggle two things in life, let alone two responsibilities.

20. Women can only give your cardiac arrests by stomping on your heart. What do they know about operating one?

21. There is no discrimination in STEM against women, it’s women who don’t want to ‘choose’ this field.

22. Physics was built by men. These women don’t belong here. Let them sit in the kitchen.

Hence proved, women and STEM are polar opposites. Come on now, back to the kitchen, let men take charge.