It’s 2021 and among other things, the human race is witnessing a very dangerous trend of women thinking that they can hold positions of authority. I mean, the audacity, right? Everywhere you turn your gaze, you find a woman claiming she can do anything that a man can do. Sometimes, they say they can do it better, which is simply laughable. 

So, I made a comprehensive list of things that prove women cannot be trusted with anything important. Hope this helps bringing them on their feet.

1. They can’t take decisions under pressure.

2. They can’t handle responsibility.

3. They don’t cope well when given new roles. 


4. They are not organised, especially in a high-stake situation.

The Indian Express

5. They are not quick learners.

Indian Express

6. They are very scared of putting themselves at risk. 

7. They are too meek to stand up for themselves and others.

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8. They are not good at money matters.

The Economic Times

9. They don’t know how to run a business.

10. They can be silenced very easily.


11. They are bad orators.

12. They can’t bring about any real change.

Economic Times

13. Their bravery is questionable.

14. They are not trustworthy. 

15. And lastly, they are too weak. But that’s common knowledge.

They need to stick to making sandwiches. Clearly.