Every woman I know has faced harassment in her life, at some point or the other. It could be the stranger mentally undressing her as she walks past him or a ‘friend’ who groped her, blaming the unwanted touch on her dress. 

The truth is that women live in a constant fear of facing violence. No matter what the place, time or attire is, they’re always vulnerable to it. A lot of times, the men subjecting women to violence are known to them as husbands, boyfriends or best friends. Since we’re taught that prevention is better than cure, we start taking steps to protect ourselves. We start going out less, wearing ‘appropriate’ clothing and try to be as unattractive as possible.

This advertisement manages to put forward the pain of women who have survived violence and how it affects their decisions. A girl with long, beautiful hair walks into a salon and wants it cut as short possible. Her reason for giving up on her hair shows a real picture of the things women are forced to do in order to protect themselves.

If you ever face something similar, speak up. Precautions don’t help as much as a loud voice does.