There is still a heavy stigma surrounding divorce, especially for women. The burden of a marriage failing generally ends up falling on women. 

Which is why when we found this Reddit post by u/LailaBlack about how she convinced her mother to divorce her abusive father, we couldn’t hold back from sharing it.


Domestic violence and verbal abuse, is unfortunately, a fairly common occurrence in desi households. Because of how pervasive patriarchy is in our country, women rarefy receive support to leave abusive relationships. 

The original poster has talked about how her father constantly used cuss words while addressing her mother. He even physically abused her. Thankfully though, her maternal uncles stepped in and decided to take a stand for their sister. 


Seeing a daughter support and motivate her mother to leave an abusive marriage is pretty much an applause-worthy moment, TBH. Take a look at how netizens came through to support them as well. 

1. Sending lots of love and support…

– c0ffee_and_cakes

2. Woohoo!! Congratulations!! I wish my mom had brothers who could do that for her. Sadly sisters only… and their husbands make my dad look good.

– rumi_shinigami

3. Love it for you!!! Sending you hugs and strength!

– earlgreytea99

4. Ommmggg, I’m so happy for you and your mom!! Sending virtual hugs!!

– ladyfartselot

5. So happy for you and your mom!! <3 Be her rock!

– hermoine57

6. I’m so happy and proud of you both.

– Whisky_in_maggi

Today we’re seeing daughters help their mothers through divorce, soon we may be able to see divorce as a perfectly acceptable and healthy decision to make, especially in abusive dynamics.