When I’m on my period, and my body is leaking fluid, and the cramps are so brutal it’s like somebody punching my stomach every minute, spare me your misogyny if you have nothing nice to offer.


Recently, a journalist on Twitter shared a small anecdote about an act of kindness from a complete stranger during her period, and the tweet went viral for all the wrong reasons.

People made it a premise of bizarre, unfunny jokes. 

Oh! And getting mansplained on periods is so f*ckin annoying. Like yes, of course, these guys would know better. We bleed once a month, but they bleed their sh*tty opinions all time. 

Of course! Shut your mouth cuz period is a taboo, right?

Sadly, we live in a world that politicizes everything. There can be no such thing as inherent human goodness, right?

Oh! And by the way…

THANK YOU for calling this out. At least some people had the good sense to speak about how ridiculous this is!

I think because they view everything from the eyes of agenda.

Is this the world we live in? A woman is just sharing an anecdote. Yet, vultures are ready to pounce upon her because they believe the story is fictional. The tweet is disproportionately analyzed, given all sorts of angles, and labeled as agenda. 

Trolls, you know what you could do instead? If you don’t buy the story, just shut up. You don’t have to go out and spit poison everywhere.