When you are young and the ‘right age’, life can be miserable – to put it lightly. It is around that time of life when overly-concerned neighbours and family members decide to extend unsolicited life advices. What can one do in situations like these? A lot of things, apparently. But we let all of it slide usually. 

But here is someone who decided to take a slightly unorthodox approach. Sheena Sharma, a 25-year-old writer for Elite Daily decided to take a male escort to a dinner party hosted by her cousin, who had a habit of chastising her and her “penchant for dating unavailable men”. She lived to tell a tale that seems straight out of a romantic movie.  

b’Source: Elite Daily’

What could have easily been an awkward dinner soon turned into what Sheena describes as “falling in love for a night”. Sheena found the very good-looking Alex, a male escort – for an exorbitant amount – from an app called Rent A Gent

The faux couple landed up at the dinner party and what happened next is better read in her own words. 

The night unfolded beautifully. 

But underneath the feeling of triumph of a plan well-executed was the faultline well concealed. 

However, the feeling of triumph lived longer in the end.

What reads like a perfect love story might not have the perfect ending but it definitely was a great story about the “resilient heart”. 

You can read the entire story here