Childbirth is one of the most physically demanding acts in the world. And to be very honest, women’s labour during such times (both emotional and physical), is often minimized. 

Which is why this Reddit post where a woman is asking whether she was wrong for telling her husband to leave the delivery room simply has to be shared. 

The woman talked about how her husband called her a “hormonal mess,” and how the pregnancy was such a difficult phase for HIM. Does anybody else see how silly that sounds? Like, sir, you were not the one who housed a baby for 9 months in your body. Please stop embarrassing yourself. 

And so, the internet came forward to tell the lady that she was definitely not in the wrong for telling him to leave! Take a look. 

1. It’s unbelievable the number of posts saying that she should just tolerate whatever he says because watching someone else give birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a man. Well, if it means that much to him, he could have behaved himself like a supportive partner and kept his stupid, insulting and demeaning jokes to himself. Pregnancy is hard and any man who can’t give his wife the respect she deserves for what she has done shouldn’t be in the delivery room.

– Pleasant_Birthday_77

2. Whatever he thought “hormonal” is, he is about to be hit by a freight train when the postpartum stuff begins. Me and baby both went through hell and back during delivery, but I was NOT ready for the postpartum hormone swings. I consider myself a level headed person most of the time, and I about lost it for a month straight. And then you’re just exhausted. Dude (if his wife lets him back around, honestly that behavior would make me pause) is in for one rude awakening.

– Coxal_anomaly

3. Labour is called labour for a reason – it’s hard work and needs concentration and support, not jokes at your expense when you’re at your most vulnerable. I’m really dismayed by the lack of empathy for the woman here and the perception that her role in this is to deliver an experience for him (her husband) rather than she being the important person in the situation.

– Pleasant_Birthday_77

4. If watching your child come into the world is treated like a right and not a privilege than GTFO frankly.

– No_Perspective9930

5. My husband is normally a joker and I was actually counting on some of his silly jokes during delivery to help ease my stress. Turns out my husband was so nervous he hardly said a word. If seeing the delivery is important to someone they will behave. This man that the OP is talking about is a true AH.

– PerspectiveNo8799

6. It wasn’t once in a lifetime for me, I did it twice, and I was VERY KIND AND SUPPORTIVE as my wife performed a miracle under great duress. Guess that’s why I was invited back for the second kid.

– Frodo_Picard 

7. The entitlement. It’s not about the man, the only person anyone should be worrying about is the person GIVING BIRTH. IT’S NOT A CIRCUS ACT.

– Legitimate_Annual533

8. Seeing my wife give birth was the greatest honor and most emotionally charged experience of my life. Also, I 100% did not act like an asshole or minimize the experience for her. Her husband is a douche canoe and the OP was justified booting his ass.

– Jjustingraham

9. I agree it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And like all opportunities it can either be embraced or squandered. He squandered it. That’s on him. NTA.

– Nilla22

10.  She’s expected to keep it together while going through one of the most physically painful and demanding experiences of her life, but he can’t keep it together and speak kindly? Also the dude’s in for a rude awakening if he thinks the hormonal rollercoaster is over. 

– MuchAstronomer9992

11. The OP’s husband must not know anything about women’s bodies after giving birth. The “hormonal mess” won’t be over for QUITE a while. He’ll need to buckle up for the ride or get out of there permanently.


12. The difficulty with breastfeeding and sleep deprivation had me crying alongside my daughter plenty. I did it alone, but that’s definitely preferable over a less-than-supportive “partner.”

– RawrIhavePi

Some Reddit users called out the husband’s entitlement in the situation, while others were furious at his insensitivity. Either way, most of the comments supported the woman’s actions, after all, she had every right to draw a boundary.