As students, we all looked forward to college festivals. It was the only time when all our friends would stay back, enjoy great music and just have some PG 13 fun. However, the definition of fun seems to have changed now. At least for some people. 

Meghna Singh, a history student at Miranda House College in Delhi, was at Crossroads Festival, at the Sri Ram College Of Commerce. She was enjoying singer KK’s performance with her friends when she felt something weird. The guy standing behind her was getting shady. When she looked back, he stopped and went away.

On reaching home, to her disgust, she found semen stains on her denims. That is when she realized what had happened. She decided to post the picture of her jeans on her Facebook and call out the gross act. This is her post:

To even read what this woman went through disgusts me to the core. How did a man have the audacity of jerking off on a woman right in the middle of a college concert? To even think of such an act is cringe-worthy. 

But to our surprise, the comments on her post said a different story altogether. People accused her of falsifying the story for attention, called her names and made jokes like it was no big deal. But she remains unfazed by it all. 

Speaking to ScoopWhoop, Meghna said, “I was sure that I would receive such hate comments. But it doesn’t bother me. It happened in front of me and I know the difference between semen and other liquids. I could see the discharge on my jeans. “

While kissing in public is frowned upon, some guy jerking off at a concert is justified? 

And when she decided to speak up and deal with it in her own way, all that people did was indulge in victim-blaming. 

Where are our values now, India? What are we doing with our girls?