In the rush of life, people often forget about the ones who help make it easier. These include cab drivers, cleaners, and house help. 

Yes, they are given their money, but that is where things end. Now, it’s only nice to take those extra steps once in a while because what may not be that big a deal for the employer, might be the difference between a good day and a bad day for them.

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This story from Humans of Bombay is an example of that. It is narrated by a makeup artist, who goes:

Jyoti Didi started working with us last year. My work schedule is really crazy, but she always holds down the fort–she cooks, manages the house, does the hisaab, and is always the first person to help out. 

Basically, Jyoti didi ran her house and always happily. She’d cook for the guests, take care of things and follow a simple philosophy, “Aap ke ghar se sab khush hoke hi jaane chahiye!”.

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So when it was time for her daughter to get married, the woman narrating the story (Jyoti’s employer) decided to help with the makeup and the jewellery. 

I wanted to do something special for Jyoti Didi, just as a ‘thank you’… So, on D-day, I called her daughter, Pooja, to my studio and dolled her up. And my god, she looked so beautiful! She looked at herself in the mirror and said, “Aapne toh mujhe Cinderella bana diya!”.
Humans Of Bombay

And a day later, this happened:

Jyoti Didi turned up to work teary eyed, despite it being her day off. Apparently, everyone had praised Pooja’s look a lot. “Itna kabhi kisi ne nahi kiya!” she said and hugged me. I was so overwhelmed as I hugged her back.

Pooja also visited the house with her wedding album, in which there were photos she really liked. 

She had a big smile in every single picture! That’s all I wanted. To see her happy, especially on her wedding day. And look at her, she’s still that blushing bride…isn’t she glowing?!
Humans of Bombay

Really, it’s about the small things. You can read the whole story, here.