Imagine that you are discussing the fact that you rarely feel safe as a woman in public spaces in your own nation when someone suggests that you should monitor your own behaviour.

It is really unfortunate that some people continue to think that telling a victim to stay away from “unsafe” places will stop assaults against women.

Recently, a Twitter user described a horrific experience where she was subjected to racial harassment on the microblogging platform. She went on to recount yet another instance in which a man attempted to grab her.

While the woman was expressing her worries about not feeling safe in the nation, another user tried to offer some unsolicited wisdom to her. The man remarked that she should actually quit “roaming in roads and unknown places.”  The user advised her to refrain from engaging in a practice that men would do without qualms.

Naturally, the response to the Twitter thread was not well received by other users on the site, who called out the person for victim blaming. Here is how they reacted to it.

Okay, so no one really needs this muft ka gyaan