You’d be lying if you say women are as safe as men in our society. I mean, I am rooting for that day to come, but until then, we always need to be extra careful from the vultures we are surrounded by.  

So, ladies, buckle up because this thread on how you should watch your backs and not get drugged is important. A Twitter user, Kat Abu talked about how someone drugged her drink and shared some signs and symptoms every woman should know about.  

Even though she hesitated at first about being judged but Kat decided to speak up about it. She has listed down signs and symptoms we should know beforehand. Read on. 

Apparently this is very common. If you’ve never blacked out before but suddenly lose hours of memory after a couple of drinks, that’s a HUGE red flag.
I really wish I had known at least the signs and symptoms beforehand rather than going through two days of realizations and checking myself.

Women who had similar experiences shared some insights too and others hailed her for sharing the story. 

Stay vigilant ladies!

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