We may have come a long way since the time when women weren’t allowed in the workplace. But as God is my witness, we still have a long, long way to go. If you’ve faced the subtle (and not-so-subtle) sexism practically every woman is subject to, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, one home-girl was put in a similar situation when a man she works with, went into a breathtakingly ignorant and sexist rant. And boy did she have the absolute perfect response for it.

Azita Rahman via Facebook

Azita Rahman, a student at University of California, was working hard at a professional internship and was recently offered a promotion. One twat, however, did not take too kindly to her excellence being rewarded.

The co-worker sent her a painfully ignorant text about how she didn’t deserve that promotion and how it’s a position for a man. ‘Cause, y’know, men are better at math and other brain things. And women are just better off playing secretaries to the men as they do all the world’s math and brain things. All the while, urging her not to ‘take it the wrong way’.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But only slightly. Here’s what the excuse of a man actually said… and you’ll notice I wasn’t far off.

Daily Mail

But hold up. If you were having too much fun cringe-snickering at this man’s paralysing stupidity, you’re gonna LOVE how Azita responded to his shit-stain of a text. Brace yourself for the most satisfyingly savage douchebag takedown you’ve seen in a while.

Daily Mail

Azita tweeted screenshots of the conversation and the world wide web just could not get enough of her badass one-text-knockout. Every woman that ever let sexism in the workplace slide, for whatever reason (and there were many), identified with her outrage and wholeheartedly supported her unsparing response one hundred per cent.

With thousands of likes, retweets and messages of solidarity, lets just say, the internet collectively and very distinctly kicked workplace sexism’s outdated ass to the fucking curb.


Rahman decided this is where she draws the line. And I sure hope the next time you or I or another owner of a vagina faces certifiable nonsense on said vagina’s account, we’re able to draw that damn line and calmly, super chill stylez, obliterate the nonsense and its presumably thick source.

You go, Azita. All of womankind is sending you a crap-load of love right now.