If you are a woman in Delhi, there are horror stories happening to you on a daily basis. Some are more terrifying than others but terrifying nonetheless. Case in point, this journalist’s experience with a creep from 15 years ago, who she saw return to her life practising the exact same tricks he used to, back in the day. Before you proceed, consider this a trigger warning!

In, 2007, Anushree Majumdar was a 23-year-old journalist starting her career. She had some financial trouble due to an issue with her bank. She was in Saket due to an assignment with only 50 bucks with her when a man in a white Santro offers her a ride…

They meet again a few days later and this is where things begin to go south!

Thankfully, she gets out of the car and walks away, to never see him again… until a few days ago. Mind you, this is the same man from 15 years ago asking her the same questions he had asked her  in 2007, playing the same tricks!

Another woman, a journalist has also come forward with her own story involving who she is confident is the same man!

This is scary to the bone. People have been really freaking out over this on Twitter. 

Jesus Christ. I just hope you guys stay safe. At this point, I don’t know how. But I really hope you do.